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Log In Issues


I can't log in?  




I have placed an order on Pentland Connect, when will I get delivery?  
In order history, I can still see my order?  
What are the definitions of Order History Status?  
I am receiving multiple email confirmations why is this?  
Why do I see different levels of order history?  
I cannot complete my transaction/it fails/redirects the page. Why is this?  


Address Changes


I want to add a New Address  
I want to change my Address  
My Billing Address is incorrect  





Other Brands


Can my account be extended onto other Pentland Brands?  


Mitre United


I am a Mitre United Customer and I cannot see my Clubs?  
I need to add a new Mitre United Club address  
Can we change the description of “Mark For” to “Mitre United” so it’s self-explanatory to our customers?  




My Pricing is incorrect on the Portal 
I'm paying more on Pentland Connect than I was on


Searching for products


Search is not working. What are the best ways to search?